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Support - We help you to solve problems.

Preface to support

We are encouraged to provide all users the best possible support service. But due to the fact that we created this project in our spare free time, there is no time to help users personally. Thats why we cannot answer personal email questions regarding the statistic script.

But we took the time to write detailed support information regarding installation, using, configuration and troubleshooting questions.

Installation & Configuration Manual

Here we provide detailed information about the installation and configuration of the statistic application.
Using the installation manual enables you to install the stat fast and easy without having problems.
Furthermore we put some information about the best possible configuration settings and handling of the stat within the manual.

Open Manual

If further questions appear, please take a look under FAQ below.

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Here you can find a set of frequently asked questions that we tried to answer.
The stat does not work, what can I do?
If the statistic script is not working correctly, please follow our checklist:

  • Please use the the Syscheck function within the Admin Center before searching for any misconfiguration or setting. Open the Admin Center and click on Syscheck in the header menu.
  • Maybe the chmod file rights are not set correctly? Please open the sysinfo.php in your browser. If red symbols occur you got to check the file rights. Maybe you made an error transfering the files to your webserver in a wrong transfer mode? The best way is to delete all files on your server and transfer it again. Only on Windows based servers the red symbols do not mean a wrong configuration. Please check also if you got the newest version of the desired files.
  • Has been set a cookie in the statistic? If so, all of your visits will be not counted.
  • Are there any misconfigured settings in the admin center? Please read all notices in the admin center for the right configuration. Please check also if the desired domain is allowed to be tracked.
  • Did you place the Javascripts in your site? Is the path configuration in the admin center correct? Maybe you open the track.php in your browser manually. It a white and empty site occurs, everything is correct.
  • Is there a htaccess file in the root directory of the stat? Maybe this is the reason for a problem.
  • Do you use a secure URL with https? If so, please add the missing https in all url calls in the Javascript and in the admin center.
  • Do you track unused url parameters? Please take a look at our manual for the correct configuration.
  • Are some of the values in the statistic wrong? You can delete and recreate the statistic cache in the admin center.
Why individual statistics modules are not displayed?
There are two possible reasons for not showing some stat modules:
  • the stat module is deactivated in the admin center
  • if no values have been tracked, the module will not be shown
What does the error "permission denied" mean?
This error occurs if the file rights have not been set correctly.
My own visits are not tracked correctly, what can i do?
Please check the configuration of your browser. Cookie handling should be enabled. Maybe you turn on the setting that session cookies should be enabled.
Why are the IP addresses of visitors incorrect?
If the problem occurs that the user's ip address is incorrect or missing, here is the solution:
First of all, you got to know your own IP address. After that, open a new textfile and fill it with this:
<?php echo phpinfo();?>
Name the file "test.php", copy it on your webserver and call it in your browser. Now you should see a lot of information. In the second table you should look for your own ip address. Just left to your own ip address in this table, you got to take the variable name, for example:
Therefore the IP address of the visitor will be stored in the variable "HTTP_X_REMOTECLIENT_IP". Once you determine how this variable is called, it must be selected only in the Admin Center, under Advanced settings.

Now your stat should work correctly.
What do i do when problems occur by with recreating the cache?
If the problem occurs that no Finish button will appear by creating the cache, the following approach can solve this problem:
Browser = Internet Explorer?
The problem should not occur

Browser = Firefox?
When using this browser the following setting will help:
1. Open "about: config" in the firefox browser.
2. Select the value "network.http.redirection-limit"
3. Choose the right mouse button and choose "Edit" or "Modify"
4. Change the default value from "20" to "100"
5. Confirm with the OK button
6. Exit browser and restart
7. Ready

To explain
Because some servers have a limited script run, we designed the cache creator so that it reads only 3000 records from the logdb.dta and uses these entries for the cache. If this is done, it will be redirected to the same script (redirect), so that the next 3000 records can be read. A value of "20" allows the browser up to 20 redirections. At the value of 3000 (entries per run) and 19 times is therefore a maximum number of lines of 57000 entries before there is an error message.
Why do the values of the stat differ from the counter values?
This problem only occurs by using minor versions than version 4.4!
If you encounter a higher amount of visitors, the numbers of the stat can differ from the counter values.
In this case we encourage you to recreate the stat of the counter and the stat. This can be done within the Admin Center.
What is the function of the Index?
In the stat and the Admin Center you will find the word Index along with a percentage value. By using textbased logfiles the memory areas of all tracked days are stored within an indexfile. This causes a better server performance.
The display "Index" shows the achieved percentage value of the tracked days with their memory areas.
Can the cache be recreated automatically?
Yes, this is possible for version 4.4 and higher by using the desired settings within the Admincenter (Enhanced Settings).
Please read the manual to get detailed information about using this function.
What is the Sysinfo and what can i do with that script?
The sysinfo.php offers the (supporting) user a detail view of the basic settings of the stat without logging in.
Why do i get alert symbols in the Sysinfo?
If you encounter red alert symbols within the Sysinfo, this can be caused by the following:
  • 1. Single files are not equal to the files of the original stat download versions
  • 2. Wrong FTP mode used for uploading the stat files
  • 3. The required file rights have not be set correctly
Please read the "Sysinfo" section of the manual.
Can the tracked IP Addresses be anonymized?
Due to privacy issues in different countries it could not be allowed to save the ip addresses of visitors.
Thats why we created an anonymization function for ip addresses within the Admin Center.
Please be aware that this setting does only affect all new coming visitors. Existing ip addresses in the logfiles and the cache will not be changed.
Where can i find a privacy statement for my website?
You can find a privacy statement within the legal notices of our website.
Support forum


If your problem seems to be unsolved, open a new thread in our forum. Please follow the guidelines of our support forum and give us detailed information about your statistic installation to understand and solve your problem.

Also you can use our forum for tips and tricks and information around the statistic script. We would really appreciate if you join our forum and get part of our community.

Support Forum