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About Us

About - Who is behind this project.


This project started in summer 2003 when searching for a PHP solution that is easy to install and configure. But all scripts found required a database connectivity. Thats why this project started. Meanwhile the script has been downloaded more than 110.000 times.


Our team consists of two members, Holger Naves and Reimar Hoven. We are encouraged to maintain this non-commercial project in our spare time and give the best possible support.


Here you find a list of people who actively contribute to our project. So if you got code suggestions, that will be implemented in the PHP Web Stat script, we will publish you on this site.
Name Support Website
Selvi Armutcu Country File German  
Petran Liket Language Packs Dutch
Marco Kreienbrink Language Pack Italian 2.x
Francesco Conti Language Pack Italian 3.x
Pedram Hayati Language Packs Farsi  
Angel Nieto Language Packs Spanish
Björn Reichert Country-Flags
Henrik Jessen Language Packs Danish
Loic Lofficial Language Pack French 3.x Language Packs Italian
Rolf Scheerbarth Language Packs Spanish
Zoltan Varga Language Packs Hungarian
Carlos P. Jesus Language Packs Portuguese
Alpaslan GüLER Language Packs Turkish
Andreas Mokrizki Language Pack Russian
Toni Lahtinen Language Pack Finnish 4.2  
Milan Wiland Language Pack Serbian
Aybars Oruç Language Pack Turkish v4.3
Ron Stalenhoef Language Pack Dutch v4.3
Kai Schultka Joomla Module
Guy de Levis Mirepoix Language Pack French
Barthélémy Bonhomme Language Pack French
Furthermore, we would really like to thank all people who contribute to our project in the forum. These are: Husky, Rumbelstilzchen, v6ph1, Michael Starz, Harry Reinert, Guido Frey and all others we forgot to list here.

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