Operating mode

Here we try to give you a little introduction of how the script works:
Every site you want to track has to have the same single line of javascript included. If you now visit such a site, your browser will include the external javascript that is referenced in the loaded website. This javascript calls a php script that tracks all visitors data in a textbased logfile and places a 1-pixel image in the called site. Now you can run the statistic script to see all user activities. By every call of this script, all values of the logfile will be read.
Statistic Screenshot


Quick access provided by cache
Database support


Easy installation with setup routine
Configuration via Admin interface


Responsive graphical user interface
Support of plugins


Webspace (Server)
PHP 5.0 or later,
No MySQL required


  • Tracking of visitors via Javascript or Imagetag
  • Storage via textbased logfiles or database (MySQL)
  • separate counter for your website
  • easy administration console
  • configuration of the modules: turn on/off, count entries,
    percentage view, etc.
  • exclude own visits by cookies
  • exclude ip-addresses via wildcards
  • analysis of any time interval possible/saveable
  • password protection for different users including logbook
  • update notifier
  • different themes and changeable style with CSS-editor
  • enhancements via plugins possible
  • integrated backup routine for log entries and configuration
  • easy installation manual
  • compressed cached logfile for faster processing
  • different languages

Website Counter


  • summary consisting of:
    visitors total, visitors today, visitors yesterday, visitors this month, visitors last month, maximum, daily average, count hits/page impressions, average hits/page impressions, trends for months and years
  • stat modules of hour / day / weekday / month / year
  • last visitors by day interval
  • detailed stats for days / months / years
  • browsers & operating systems
  • resolutions & colordepths
  • javascript status
  • visited urls
  • entrysites & referrers
  • search engines & search words
  • origins (countries)