20 YEARS ANNIVERSARY   -   PHP Web Stat, since 2003

Operating mode

Here we try to give you a little introduction of how the script works:
Every site you want to track has to have the same single line of javascript included. If you now visit such a site, your browser will include the external javascript that is referenced in the loaded website. This javascript calls a php script that tracks all visitors data in a textbased logfile and places a 1-pixel image in the called site. Now you can run the statistic script to see all user activities. By every call of this script, all values of the logfile will be read.
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Quick access provided by cache
Database support


Easy installation with setup routine
Configuration via Admin interface


Responsive graphical user interface
Support of plugins


Webspace (Server)
PHP 5.3 or later,
No MySQL required


  • Tracking of visitors via Javascript or Imagetag
  • Storage via textbased logfiles or database (MySQL)
  • separate counter for your website
  • easy administration console
  • configuration of the modules: turn on/off, count entries,
    percentage view, etc.
  • exclude own visits by cookies
  • analysis of any time interval possible/saveable
  • password protection for different users including logbook
  • update notifier
  • different themes and changeable style with CSS-editor
  • enhancements via plugins possible
  • integrated backup routine for log entries and configuration
  • easy installation manual
  • compressed cached logfile for faster processing
  • different languages

Website Counter


  • summary consisting of:
    visitors total, visitors today, visitors yesterday, visitors this month, visitors last month, maximum, daily average, count hits/page impressions, average hits/page impressions, trends for months and years
  • stat modules of hour / day / weekday / month / year
  • last visitors by day interval
  • detailed stats for days / months / years
  • browsers & operating systems
  • resolutions & colordepths
  • javascript status
  • visited urls
  • entrysites & referrers
  • search engines & search words
  • origins (countries)

Plugins (Plugin-Pack)

Since version 5.x, PHP Web Stat now also allows the integration of plugins (modular extensions), which provide additional functionality for a user.
The following extensions are currently (state 2018-07) available:

Last Accesses The plugin allows a detailed analysis of visitors and their page accesses. All page views are displayed in a table with the following details:

  • Date & Time
  • Country of origin
  • Operating system and version
  • Browser and version
  • Screen resolution
  • Screen color depth
  • Visited page
  • Originating page (Referrer)
The user can go back and forth on a daily basis to analyze the entries for a calendar day in detail. A built-in calendar allows you to jump to a desired date. In addition, the number of entries to be displayed can be specified. The Plugin is rounded off by a detailed origin recognition of the IP address of the visitor over a freely selectable GeoIP service.

The plugin can be adapted to the needs of the user by means of a clear configuration.
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Click Counter
The plugin records the clicks a visitor makes on a link or a file and evaluates this data. For each click, the user receives an individual evaluation of the total number and daily clicks.
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Email Report
The plugin generates weekly or monthly reports from the recorded statistical data and sends them to recipients of your choice. These reports include the total number of visitors since the time of recording, the number of visitors in the current month and year.

The plugin can be adapted to the needs of the user by means of a clear configuration.
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AutoUpdate country code
To enable PHP Web Stat to automatically recognize the country of origin of a visitor, current country recognition patterns are always required. These are made available monthly free of charge on the PHP Web Stat website.

This plugin checks for updated country recognition patterns and installs them automatically. No need to enter the statistics, updates are automatically detected and installed in the background.

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Accesses Month & Year
The plugin shows the page visits (accesses) of the users, once the months and once the years in two curve diagrams.

This view allows the user to see the long-term trends in the number of pages visited since the installation of PHP Web Stat.
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Accesses & Visitor Charts
The plugin shows the visitors and their page visits (accesses), once of the last 10 days and once of the last 30 days in two graphs.

This view allows the user to see current trends in the number of visits and pages visited.
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Pie Charts
The plugin generates four pie charts from the statistics data, which display the statistics modules browser, operating system, screen resolution and screen color depth.

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