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Statistik Version 5.0 online.

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History of PHP Web Stat version 5.x (Gelesen: 796 mal)

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History of PHP Web Stat version 5.x
01.07.18 um 00:05:53
Version 5.0 Release Date 2018/07/01

[b]Summary of major changes:

- Fresh look and future readiness due to bootstrap and HTML 5 code
- Complete code review, cleanup, rewrite, and optimization (98% less error logs)
- Speed enhancements of IP location, tracking, running the stat script

New features:

- New layout based on Bootstrap 3.37
- Code of the statistics now in HTML 5
- IP Geolocation enhanced regarding accurary and speed
- User status change possible within the statistics
- Plugin integration
- Display "Accept old counters" in the statistics overview
- New Sysinfo
- File structure of the color schemes


- Support for PHP 5 - PHP 7+
- General file structure of the script
- Tracking code / file name renamed for AdBlocker (track.php => pws.php)
- Display installed plugins in Sysinfo
- CHMOD check in syscheck extended
- Create-Index function in the Admin Center
- Server error logs reduced by up to 98%
- Faster loading time due to fewer graphics
- Faster loading time due to code optimization
- Floatbox code updated

Bux fixes:

- General Code Cleanup
- Fixed an error when setting a cookie in opt-out function
- Style transfer in the function opt-out corrected
- Set status information after cookie corrected
- Solved problem with database connection under PHP 7
- Error in setup and creation of DB tables fixed
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