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How to update to version 4.3.00 ? (Gelesen: 5706 mal)

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How to update to version 4.3.00 ?
11.06.10 um 22:26:08
Information about how to update the PHP Web Stat to Version 4.3.00


Generally you have to make a backup of the stat folders LOG, BACKUP and CONFIG.
Also it is very important to follow our instructions exactly.


  1. Copy all files included in the zip archive to the stat directory on your server, overwriting existing files by keeping the folder structure.
  2. Set the rights of the file "config/pattern_string_replace.inc" to CHMOD 666.
  3. Open the file "update.php" in your browser, for example http://www.example.com/stat/update.php.
  4. Afterwards delete the "update.php" and the file "repair.php" in the main directory of the stat on your server.


If you changed the track.php with your desired ip address php variable in the past, your changes will be overwritten.
We implemented the possibility of changing the php variables via the admin center. Just open the admin panel and choose Enhanced Settings. Further information regarding this, can be seen in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

You updated the stat successfully.

The PHP Web Stat Team
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