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History of PHP Web Stat version 3.x (Gelesen: 29063 mal)

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History of PHP Web Stat version 3.x
29.11.07 um 21:12:50
Here you cand find all changes made to the PHP Web Stat 3.x.

Version 3.6.28 from 2009/02/22


- Security Bug in track.php and track_noscript.php fixed


- Language Pack Portugese
- Language Pack Hungary
- Language Pack Turkish

Version 3.6.22 from 2008/11/24


- Linking error in in html_header.php with png FIX fixed
- Not used entries in html_header.php deleted
- Style error in func_timestamp_control.php fixed
- Spelling error in german.php and german_admin.php fixed
- Error_reporting in html_header.php and cache_creator.php added
- Counter Cache writing problem fixed (yes/dta)
- Sorting error in detail view fixed
- Problem in Sysinfo solved


- IP Address Patterns added

Version 3.6.09 from 2008/09/06


- Tracking code security bug fixed
- Counter dynamics removed due to user problems
- Automatic detection of ip addresses in tracking code remove due to user problems


- Browser detection pattern of Google Chrome added
- Country detection patterns updated

Version 3.6.00 from 2008/08/11


- Different counter values bug fixed
- Counter dynamics bug fixed
- Cookie tracking with disabled javascript bug fixed
- IE PNG display fix enhanced for IE 6 and minor IE versions
- Display of footer table values in module "Visitors per Hour" fixed
- Display of footer table values in module "Visitors this Month" fixed


- New entries of the module "Last Visits" automatically appear at the top of the table
- IP Address blocking now supports wildcards
- Printing now supports progress bars
- Printing enhanced to fit on different pages
- Operating System and Browser detection patterns enhanced
- Dropdown of Module settings "Last Visits" in the Admincenter enhanced
- Dropdown of Module "Last Visits" enhanced
- Automatic detection of https (secure) sites

Version 3.5.08 from 2008/05/20


- bug in dynamic URLs in subfolders fixed
- specialchar bug in last hits function fixed
- spelling error in german_admin.php fixed
- display error (server time) in admin center fixed
- wrong space chars in editor function fixed
- PNG display problem in IE6 fixed

Version 3.5.00 from 2008/05/18


- Dynamic URL bug fixed
- Tab Menu active after clicking into the site
- all HTML bugs fixed
- all CSS bugs fixed
- W3C HTML valid
- W3C CSS valid
- Standard Theme optimized
- Printpreview optimized
- Referer details changed


- New function Trends
- Version Check with Javascript
- new Search Engine patterns

- completely recoded Admin Center with the following features
- Textarea-Input and Bugfixed
- Detailed Version Checks and Updatenotes
- Backup Function
- Maintenance-Mode
- Theme-/CSS-Editor
- Detailed File-Versions

Version 3.2.11 from 2008/03/30


- stat display of last month visitors bug fixed
- counter display of last month visitors bug fixed

Version 3.2.08 from 2008/02/06


- Quotes in DetailView Module 2 filtered
- ErrorReporting added in "track.php" and "track_noscript.php"


- French language pack added
- Search engine patterns enhanced

Version 3.2.00 from 2008/01/11


- 2 critical security vulnerabilities fixed


- second password can be entered
- display of date while updating the stat

Version 3.1.22 from 2007/12/11


- stat display of last month visitors bug fixed
- counter display of last month visitors bug fixed
- height and width of the update image added


- whois query (provider) of the ip address in last hits changeable in the admin center
- cutting links optimized
- detailview template optimized
- extra detailview mode for searchwords
- enhanced configuration of the percent bars added in the admin center
- password dialogue in cachepanel fixed, direct call prohibited

Version 3.1 from 2007/11/12


- ballontip-javascript directory path not found
- no tracking of users with disabled cookies  
- error display of null values (detail_view.php)
- detail view clickable values
- backslashes (\) within search words
- quotes (") within search words
- referrer links in last hits
- display of umlaut letters
- width and height of images in sysinfo.php
- display of the 31th day of the month
- german text display within the sorting of tables


- sum-up of equal site names
- server time difference in last hits  
- possible readable entries in last hits set to 10.000
- update check without open wrappers (fopen)
- date format in last hits country specific
- error reporting set to 0 in some files
- some minor style changes
- danish language pack added

Version 3.0 from 2007/10/04


- weekday bug with zero values fixed
- search engine patterns trimmed (Google,AskJeeves,Web.de)
- domain allocation bug fixed

  Improvements/Design Enhancements:
  Design/StyleSheets Enhancements:

- implementation of tabs
- implementation of balloon tooltips
- new graphics for cookie settings
- new graphics for update settings
- round progressbars
- display of time to render the stat


- complete reprogramming of the stat code by using the model-view-control
- cache Function Optimization

  New stuff

- stat.php renamed to index.php
- pixel.php renamed to track.php
- tracking of visitors without javascript by using the track_noscript.php
- manual entry of the starting date of the stat (admin center)
- progressbar to show the rendering of the stat
- refreshing the cache within the stat
- option to show all entries of one desired module (detail view)

  Module Laste Hits:

- implementation of sorting function
- implementation of a calendar to select dates
- option to increase/decrease the number of entries to be shown
- option to increase/decrease the number of entries to be shown in the admincenter
- country flags added
- country flags option in the admincenter
- menu visible in the footer
- display of the visible entries/available entries/total number of entries in the footer

  Module Archive:

- option to select dates by using a calendar function
- option to save the shown data for future purposes
- option to delete such saved data

  Module County of Origin:

- country flags added
- country flags option in the admincenter
- option to show all entries of this module (detail view)
- sorting function added

  Module Search Engines/Search Words:

- The following patterns have been added:
- Clusty,Windows Live Search,Gigablast,WhatUSeek,ExactSeek,Jayde,HotBot,Search.com,Mamma

  Module Detail View added:

- option to show all entries of a module (detail view)
- sorting function added
- this function is available in the following modules:
            - module visitor this month
            - module visitor per month
            - module referer
            - module site visits
            - module browser
            - module operating systems
            - module screen resolution

  Module JavaScript Status added:

- View of visitors without JavaScript


- version control system to solve conflicts with different files
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