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The PHP Web Stat offers you a highly configurable web tracker and detailed real-time web stat script. You will be able to analyze and monitor all visitors of your website. Our script is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).   more...


This project started in summer 2003 when searching for a PHP solution that is easy to install and configure. But all scripts found required a database connectivity. Thats why this project started. Meanwhile the script has been downloaded more than 110.000 times.


Our team consists of two members, Holger Naves and Reimar Hoven. We are encouraged to maintain this non-commercial project in our spare time and give the best possible support.

Operating mode

Here we try to give you a little introduction of how the script works:
Every site you want to track has to have the same single line of javascript included. If you now visit such a site, your browser will include the external javascript that is referenced in the loaded website. This javascript calls a php script that tracks all visitors data in a textbased logfile and places a 1-pixel image in the called site. Now you can run the statistic script to see all user activities. By every call of this script, all values of the logfile will be read.   more...

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