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v 4.9

6,99 €

Contains basic version including all updates & enhancements



v 4.x


Requires full version 4.x,
contains updates and enhancements


Language Packs

All version are shipped with english and german language packs.
Other language packs can be found below. These are created by users regularly.

Language packs Version Download
Danish Henrik Jessen 4.9.x Download
Spanish Rolf Scheerbarth 4.9.x Download
Finnish Toni Lahtinen 4.9.x Download
Italian 4.9.x Download
Turkish Aybars Oruç 4.9.x Download
Portuguese Carlos Jesus 4.9.x Download
French Barthélémy Bonhomme 4.9.x Download
Language packs of older versions

Language packs of older versions Version Download
Danish Henrik Jessen 4.8.x Download
Spanish Rolf Scheerbarth 4.8.x Download
Finnish Toni Lahtinen 4.8.x Download
Italian 4.8.x Download
Turkish Aybars Oruç 4.8.x Download
Portuguese Carlos Jesus 4.8.x Download
French Barthélémy Bonhomme 4.8.x New from 2014-09-14 Download
Danish Henrik Jessen 4.6.x Download
Turkish Aybars Oruç 4.6.x Download
Italian 4.6.x Download
Portuguese Carlos Jesus 4.6.x Download
Finnish Toni Lahtinen 4.6.x Download
Spanish Rolf Scheerbarth 4.6.x Download
Danish Henrik Jessen 4.5.x Download
Portuguese Carlos Jesus 4.5.x Download
Italian 4.5.x Download
Turkish Aybars Oruç 4.5.x Download
Finnish Toni Lahtinen 4.5.x Download
Spanish Rolf Scheerbarth 4.5.x Download
French Guy de Levis Mirepoix 4.5.x Download


To ensure that the country detection of your stat will not be out of date,
we regularly provide updates of this function.

Extras Version Download
Country detection 07/2014 Download
Country detection v4.8.x (geoip) 09/2016 Download
Plugin (Email-Report) v4.8.x 1.1 10/2015 Download
Plugin (Update Country Detection) v4.8.x 1.0 10/2015 Download
PHP Fusion Panel   Download
Joomla Module by Kai Schultka 1.0 Download
Joomla Module by Kai Schultka 2.5 Download


There are no further version 4.9 themes available.

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